eSport Betting

eSport Betting

No sport has grown more in popularity and relevance in recent years than e-sports. What until a few years ago was a niche entertainment has quickly become a sports phenomenon of global proportions, with million-dollar competitions, professional athletes dedicated exclusively to the sport and, as a consequence, a booming eSport betting market.

As if the current importance of professional games (and gamers) were not enough, the trend continues to grow, with new titles gaining space and the already established ones winning more and more fans, whether to play, or just to watch and cheer.

eSport betting tips

When a betting market grows, as is the case with eSport betting, several related services arise with it. This means that the search for the ideal site to bet on will not only suggest professional bookmakers, but also spaces with tips, strategies, reviews and more.

One of these sites a page specialised in selecting, filtering and reviewing some of the best bookmakers in the market. The idea is to find the ideal bookmaker for each individual bettor, following some of the criteria that we will see below.

How to find the best site for eSport betting

eSport Betting tips

Finding the ideal site to place your eSport bets may not be an easy task, especially if you are not yet well acquainted with the various operators available on the market.

With you can find the best sites to place eSport bets following a series of criteria, the first of which is the most obvious of all: a list with the operators that actually offer an eSports market.

This differentiation is necessary because there are many more traditional bookmakers that do not work with professional games yet. In the list that you will have access, however, all sites have available to the customer a broad and deep market of eSport betting.

Another essential point in the selection of operators is security; no site of dubious nature will pass through the initial selection sieves, so that is one less thing to worry about. In addition to safety, sites are also evaluated on aspects of payment options, bonuses, market depth, odds, live options and more.

The most important tip for finding your eSport betting site is this: the best option is the one that best suits your profile, and never the other way around. Look at the house’s deposit and withdrawal methods, safety and regulatory seals, bonus Terms & Conditions and any other relevant information that may affect your eSport betting experience.

CS:GO -Game Introduction

CSGO Soon eSport betting wouldn’t be growing if eSports itself weren’t gaining more and more ground. Among the many games that win the passion of fans as well as professional players, few reach the level of CS:GO in popularity and relevance.

The history of CS:GO can be traced back more than 20 years, when the game Half Life received a mod that would become Counter Strike. Immediate success, the then beginner Valve started to invest massively in the game, launching successive versions.

It was only in 2012, however, that Counter Strike would gain its most updated and played at professional level today, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, abbreviated, of course, as CS:GO.

Like the other games in the series, it is an FPS (First Person Shooter) played online, and has several modes. Initially these were four, but Valve continually releases updates, the most recent being the Battle Royale mode, made available in 2018.

Controversies and illegal betting in CS:GO


The classic Counter Strike has been played in professional events since at least 2001, and its brother CS:GO gained the spotlight in eSports from 2013, becoming since then one of the most played games of all, with fierce competitions and million-dollar prizes.

What happened, however, was that CS:GO became a space for illegal trading and betting involving the game’s skins – that is, the “visuals” made available by Valve to players as rewards for victories, etc.

Valve’s initial aim was to invest in the economy of its internal marketplace and generate more player engagement, but what happened was that the availability of certain rare skins gave rise to a kind of virtual black market, in which visuals considered rare were sold at exorbitant prices in real currency (US dollars).

This also gave rise to an illegal parallel eSports betting market, in which skins became the prize for winning bettors – a way to circumvent the anti-betting policy of Valve’s official Terms & Conditions of use.

Several betting sites also began offering this service, and it was then that Valve interfered, when it discovered that the outward movement of betting and trading involving CS:GO skins had created a parallel market worth $5 billion a year.

It was only when the US Supreme Court interfered in the matter that, by making eSports betting regulated in all its 50 states, Valve began accepting official bets on betting websites. Because of this, the CS:GO eSports betting market is booming, along with the popularity of the game itself.

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