Betting on DOTA 2

How to bet on DOTA 2

DOTA 2 is the official continuation of a game that was born as a mod, DOTA (Defense of the Ancients). The original game that gave rise to the new series is the Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, Blizzard classic 2002, and also its official expansion, The Frozen Throne.

As happened with Counter Strike, years earlier, Valve officially adopted the mod from the first DOTA and released the second volume of the series, which quickly became a fever among gamers from all countries and, of course, eSports fans. Main name of the games Multiplayer online battle arena (“MOBA”), it is one of the most popular eSports in the world.

The goal in DOTA 2 is simple: defend your base and, at the same time, destroy the opponent’s. The “Ancient” that gives the game its name is the structure that each team must defend (its own) and attack (the opponent’s).

The gameplay is based on the use of heroes from the classic Warcraft, being that there are two teams with 5 players each, each controlling 10 heroes. There are several options and subdivisions of characters, each with their own strengths and weaknesses and characteristics.

Betting on DOTA 2

DOTA 2 is a game which pits two teams of five members each against the other. The objective, as stated, is to destroy the opponent’s Ancient and not let the opponent destroy his own at the same time.

It is a game with ample space for the use of different strategies, and the combination of in-game factors allows you to explore several different tactics, combining the skills of various heroes to try to develop a campaign more or less offensive, or more or less defensive.

DOTA 2 odds and markets

Odds are the numbers that denote how probable it is considered that a certain action will take place. The more likely, the smaller the number, and vice versa; at the same time, it is the number by which a winning bet will be multiplied.

MOBA games can be more complex than they seem at first, and this is reflected in the odds and the eSports betting market. Let’s take an in-depth look at some of the most common markets for DOTA 2 below.

Final result

DOTA 2 team

It is the most basic bet of all. It would be the equivalent of the 1X2 bet in traditional sports, but as there is no draw in DOTA 2, it is by final result – basically guessing who will win the match.

Exact Score

The score in DOTA 2 is counted by victory in each map. In professional competitions the best-of-three system applies – meaning that 2-0 wins any match. As a rule, the only possible scores are 2×0 and 2×1, so there are only four possible exact scores.

Map Handicap

As there are no “goals” or “points” in DOTA 2, the traditional handicap is applied on the number of maps. The only possibility is to apply -1,5 for any of the two sides, improving the eSports betting odds in the game.

Total Maps

Again, it’s a simplified bet because there are only two possibilities because of the professional DOTA 2 rules: +2,5 or -2,5, which indicate, of course, if the match will last two or three maps in total.

Winner of each map

There’s not much to explain here either: it’s the bet on the winner of map 1 or map 2. In live betting it is possible to bet also on a possible map 3, but never in the antegame, since there is no way to know if the match will reach the third map or not.

More about DOTA 2 eSports Betting

DOTA 2 bets

DOTA 2 is one of the most popular games in the world, and therefore an excellent option for eSports betting fans. Based on a classic from 2002 and “evolved” from a game released at the same time, the game is one of the most well-developed and tested in the market, and not by chance is the preferred option for MOBA fans in general.

The betting market may not be the widest as seen in FIFA or in traditional sports, but this makes the sport itself a great modality for experts, who know what to bet on and know in depth maps, teams and players.

Betting websites for DOTA 2

Betting websites don’t stop appearing every week, but finding the right site to place eSports bets on DOTA 2 or any other game that interests you doesn’t mean choosing the first one that appears.

On our website you will find a specific selection with the best and safest names in online sports betting. Safe, it is worth mentioning, because this is the most important aspect of all: the trust and the certainty that the player’s data, equipment and funds will be safe.

Once certain that the chosen site is trustworthy (which can be gauged through the mandatory presence of SSL encryption certificate, regulatory seals of international bodies and approval of its antivirus, among other pointers), you can start worrying about other criteria.

These, in turn, include ample and comprehensive payment methods for each customer, a good customer support service and also differentials such as the presence of app, bonuses for your eSports bets and the like. Everything that can affect your experience will be taken into consideration.

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