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Different variations of the Asian Handicap in betting

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Single handicap and split handicap?

We talked above about two types of handicap: the European and the Asian. Those are the most known, although there are also the simpler ones. Let’s take an example. Let’s say the strongest team has a goal handicap of -1. If you bet on them, you will only win the amount if they win the match by more than a goal difference. If they win by only one goal difference, the result is considered a draw, which ends up being negative for the bettor.

The split handicap considers that the difference between the two teams is not very high. In this sense, bettors can split their bets in two different handicaps. Let’s consider that the target team of your bet has two goal handicaps, being these 0 and 0.5. If this team loses, you also lose. If there’s a draw, one of your bets is refunded, while the other is not. But if the team wins, both bets are covered.

What is a level handicap?

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A level handicap exists when the differences between the teams is very small or not very significant at all. Imagine that both teams are of the same level. In this case, no handicap of any kind is given. Both start at 0-0, at least in betting terms. For there to be a win for the bettor in this type of handicap, he must choose the team which will score the highest goal difference. In case of a draw, there is a refund for the bettor.

Summarizing what is a handicap

As we can see the handicaps are interesting options for the bettors, are used to balance the odds between teams and / or players, increasing or decreasing the risks by applying positive or negative margins that are computed only at the end of the event. This implies the modification of odds, because the greater the advantage for a team, the lower the odd, and the greater the disadvantage, the higher the odd. There are two types of handicaps: Asian and European. They operate basically the same way, but have some differences. In the European handicap it is possible to bet on a draw and there are no void bets. The risks are higher compared to the Asian handicap, but the odds are also higher.

These betting lines are advisable for the more experienced bettors, because of the possibility to “control” the variables. Before betting remember to elaborate your betting strategy, think if you are going to bet on one or more tournaments at the same time, study the different sports and choose well the betting site that you are going to use, seek references from other users. Search for as much information about the team (or teams), athletes and the league or tournament you are betting on. The ideal is to always seek the best odds. Last but not least, remember that these bets are real financial transactions and losing is part of the game.

Advantages of handicap betting

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The handicap was created to stimulate greater competitiveness in sports betting. We know that in almost all sports, but especially in football, usually the best team wins. In this sense, a huge advantage of the handicap is to allow bettors to bet more often on those weaker teams. This balances the betting market, at least in terms of odds, and causes more excitement among punters. Furthermore, it is a way of ensuring, at least with the Asian Handicap, the chance for punters to get refunds on draws.

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